Notes on Quantum Physics

The uncertainty principle: You can know the position OR velocity of a particle but not both. The location of an electron is not defined by a place but rather a probability of where it will be. Lesson: nothing is certain and unchangeable, everything has a chance of happening.

The numbers are probability goes half of physics


Energy converts to mass, mass converts to energy. neither is gained nor lost. e=mc^2. e= energy, m= mass, and c is the speed of light squared. matter at the speed of light converts to pure energy. as the energy "cools" or "slows down", it condenses back into particles.

Particles come together - and fly apart. in the trails left by particle accelerators, you can see where particles pop into existence. matter being made from apparently nothing. and they can disappear just as easily.

Absolute value – minimal energy -

At the subatomic level – electrons and protons - made of quarks.

Quarks -

Not base of energy converts to mass

Vibration shakes particles - electrons do not neatly go around a nucleus like we have all been taught to picture. it is a cloud of probability. the electron is in every position/location until it is measured or observed.

Converts matter to pure energy

E=mc2  (energy equals mass x speed of light

Energy jewels

Matter is anything that has mass

Mass comes from conversion of energy to matter

Spacial dimension - there are many many dimensions beyond the 3 physical and one of time that we live in. the other dimensions are thought to be extremely tiny and are "curled" up in our regular dimensions

Entanglement -

No matter how far you take apart two parts – they still communicate instantaneously through multiple dimensions. This has been tested and proven in the lab. instantaneous communication across infinite distances with no lag or passage of time. it is thought that entanglement may be communication over another dimension. unlike the small curled up ones, some are thought to be overwhelmingly massive.

Observation can change - by observing, or measuring, a particle, you alter it. an electron is everywhere until it is stopped and measured. at that point you can't take any other accurate measurement because you interfered with its motion. light exists as both a wave and a stream of particles but it will take one state once measured. depending on how you interact with the light/photons, you will either get a wave that acts like a sound or radar wave or you will get a stream of particles like bullets from an automatic gun. the light exists as both until you interact with it

Multiverse – pile of bubbles - every possibility exists. if not here, in another universe right by ours.

Each universe created by a big bang – multiple big bangs

PLANK FIELD - the smallest possible measurement in this physical fabric of space-time. the plank field is the idea that quarks move along the plank field and their interactions produce properties that are perceived as matter

Stretch space time when gravity goes through - the gravity of an object is directly correlated to the mass of the object. as the earth passes through space, it stretches and drags the verity fabric of space and time along with it. like a ball on a sheet makes a dimple.

Light can be particle or wave - or both!