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The purpose of this website is to provide a resource for those who seek to develop their awareness of Spirit and the willingness to express it. Naturally, Miracles on Maui focuses on A Course in Miracles but information on other spiritual paths are offered. There is no one single path to alignment with Spirit. We’re here for one offer a resource, not complete for all paths but broad enough to help you find what’s right for you . . . believe but rather, what you can see around you.

That is a core component of A Course In Miracles . . . the freedom to chose.

A Course In Miracles is unique in that it prepares one to see more clearly by showing the way toward an objective perspective. It offers a fresh way of looking at things, unique to you. It has nothing to do with what you believe but rather, what you can see around you. The focus is decidedly intellectual in nature due to it’s emphasis on psychology.

Primary emphasis is placed on forgiveness; both of others and ourselves. The ability to distinguish between substance and illusion based on the influence of the Ego, is developed with three great results.

What you'll learn from “A Course in Miracles”

1. The ability to hear and be guided by Spirit

whereby the “Miracles” possible through interaction with others are more easily received and given, mutually. The Course says “There are no coincidences” and the miracle is the the relevance of seemingly chance encounters and experiences are stunning in their beauty because while perfect, they appear seemingly, as chance encounters, coincidences.

2. Learn through the interaction with others

one receives information to learn from, validation, encouragement all of which relate to sending and receiving love on one level or another.

3. In the end, if you’re going to pick sides in life

(not choosing is chosing) then you may as well go with what is good, relates to love and is more powerful than any other person or thing. It’s an idea and a choice. Either you’re smarter than God, however you define that..or you are willing to step back, be still and listen, then decide for yourself. The key is to have an honest willingness.

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What Miracles on Maui offers you

Maui offers everything you want. Respite, rejevenation, the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and… fun! What you receive and give is a choice you have the opportunity to make.

This website is dedicated to those who see the value in living a Spiritual path and wish to move forward in that desire. If you’re here, perhaps this is an answer to your wish. With best wishes that the greatest good occur, in all cases.

Mahalo nui loa,
Miracles on Maui

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Why Maui? . . . Special Things

Maui is a special place of beauty, with 9 micro-climates that range from high altitude desert to hot wet tropical forests to sandy beaches beside an inviting ocean of clear comfortable water. No snow although at the top of Haleaka Volcano, it’s so high up you need a coat!

The island abounds in places to stay that range from inexpensive hostel hotels to the finest luxury resorts in the world.

The people you’ll meet for the most part, are gentle and kind. People come here to rest, get married, fall in love again, rejuvenate or have the time of their lives. Demographically, people range from the “jet set” to those who wish only to be free of any material possesion and simply be. Generally, if you are driving and need to make a left hand turn across the other lane, it’s not unusual for the other person to stop and let you pass safely..courtesy and respect.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about the island is not necessarily so obvious but is most precious and worthy of thoughtful appreciation and on any level, the effort to preserve.

Why is Maui Special?

Hawaii was and in many ways still is, a soverign nation. Prior to annexation by the United States, the islands had their own well developed culture, one based upon our essential Oneness with Nature.

While not a utopia, a certain purity existed and through contact with the rest of the world and it’s desire to exploit the natural resources the islands of Hawaii provided, the native population was decimated almost to extinction by diseases brought by foreigners beginning in the 1700s.

The good news is that the industrialized world, while still to this day, a major factor and threat to this and other Hawaiian islands, has not completely eradicated what remains of this soverign nation.

In fact, many of the residents from the mainland honor these values, have learned the language and culture and aim to honor and preseve it.  This place is a unique and to some extent, successful endevor where Americans have sought to preserve what it is that they came her for.  The preservation of this and the other Hawaiian islands is worthy of your considered thought.

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