About Miracles on Maui

A story of rebirth

This website was conceived in the late 1990’s after a few years of visits to the island beginning with a benefit concert for the island of Kaui which suffered a devastating hurricane, unusual for the islands. ʻiniki meaning "strong and piercing wind") was the most powerful hurricane to strike the U.S. state of Hawaii in recorded history.

Generally, hurricanes come close but veer away either to the North or South. This one veered to the South but then turned North after passing the other islands in the chain. The damage was devastating to the Garden Isle. Aid poured in from around the world after the unthinkable actually happened to one of the worlds great treasures. Sometimes loss helps people see and appreciate what they already have.

A place uniquely suited to accepting the gift of Spirit

Each of the islands here in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from land, has it’s own unique characteristics. All are beautiful, special in their own ways but Maui is unique for the reasons described elsewhere on this website. Chief among Maui’s characteristics, is the concentrated combination of nature in abundance and a sacredness not shared in the same way, by the other islands. Maui is ideal for Miracles that come with the awareness of awareness of Spirit and the ways we interact with it, something available for everyone in their daily lives.

Maui welcomes those who seek

In the end, either we are for something or against something. While it’s true that whatever is, is right on some level, A Course in Miracles helps people see and understand and most importantly, be open to the beauty of guidance by Spirit. The sacred nature of the island with 9 microclimates in such a small place, is ideal for those who seek to find their own path..or more importantly in many cases, understand how to begin to embark on the journey of discovery of Spirit according to who they are as individuals. Maui welcomes everyone and returns the love offered and the willingness to open and be to being received.

Maui welcomes those who seek

The goal of

The goal of this website is to eventually allow the creation of a physical place, a retreat for like minded people to gather, celebrate and nurture the journey toward recognizing their oneness with Spirit..a oneness that already exists.

And so it will come to pass, as it already is …

Mahalo nui loa

Description and Significance of the Miracles on Maui Symbol


Four green leaves signifying life, in perfect balance. They extend beyond the outer circle illustrating that even the meaning and complete circumstances of our life extend beyond our comprehension. The leaves point to infinity.

Four groups of three signifying Mind, Body and Spirit, the triune nature of God; Spirit, Soul and Body as well as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the 12 Apostles.

Four groups, which represents Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Four hearts, signify love. They are bordered by black, which illustrates the void of thought that opens the door for the awareness of God’s presence, from darkness to light through love

The outer circle is continuous, connecting all things. It symbolizes our Oneness and that presence being behind all things.

The inner circle represents God being present in all things, as each shape is woven around it.

The Cross is behind all images and represents Christianity. The base of the cross is in front of the circle to denote that there are many paths to God and Christianity is just one of them.

The woven imagery in the middle which flows perfectly through itself illustrates the perfect matrix weave that is God and the Universe and it is woven in such a way as to create impossible shapes symbolizing that the workings of Spirit is beautiful and connect us to one another and within ourselves.



Color are used to symbolize ideas and feelings in various cultures and in modern psychology, not always the same. They are used to represent the following characteristics in this design.

Green - Intuition, the higher wisdom faculties, life, balance and growth. It is the combination of yellow and blue which represent optimism and insight and a generosity of Spirit not available from the other colors. Green is the dominant color in this symbol because it represents life and growth.

Red – Red symbolizes love, as in red hearts. Edom is red in Hebrew and is the color of Blood which flows through living things. Pronounced aw-dom.  Many references to the name Adam in the Bible and in Islam use the same word or derivation of it implying that symbolically, the story of Adam relates to all of us. The transmission of life within our bodies. The heart shape symbolizes both love and the thing that gives life to living things.

Blue - The color of the sky, heavenly aspect of our being, often used to symbolize closeness to God, faith, peace and truth. It connects all things. It is a calming color and is often used today to symbolize loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Here, it surrounds all things.

Yellow - The realm of intellect, happiness, creativity, insight and enlightenment, the life giving energy of the sun but it also represents cowardice and deceit. Placed in the center core of this symbol, it’s dual meanings represent our freedom to chose what we stand for.

Black – The absence of all color, a void representing the absence of worldly thoughts which enables communion with the unseen. It defines light and gives light meaning. The darkness holds all that has yet to come to light and represents the mystery of God and leads to green, the color of life. When equated with death, it represents the passing of a worldly view opening the door for a Spiritual view. It is an opportunity for rebirth, renewal and resurrection.